Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is the "day" everyone is supposed to show their "love" for their special someone.  My honey left a card, a box of chocolates, Hershey's kisses strewn all over the table and a new Keurig-K cup machine, in red no less.

For those that know me red is my all time favorite color!!!!!!!!  My kitchen is white with "RED" accents.  Meaning anytime I see something red for the kitchen I add it to my collection.  Jeff has known that now for many years and he lets me put as much red as accents as I like without complaining that you don't have room for one more red dish, red pot holder, red coffeepot, etc, etc.

You know what tho?  As much as these goodies make me smile on those "special days" when Jeff brings me presents, I like the "unspecial" days just as much or maybe even more.
Days where he writes on my mirror, shhhh, don't tell him, but even the days when he helps me remember a chore that I may forget.  I have learned so much from him on how to make the most normal, unusual, unimportant days be just as special as any holiday ever put on any calendar.  He has taught me that being there for me and me for him is the most special gift we can ever give each other.

His most favorite gift I can give him?  Homemade Spaghetti made from his grandmother's recipe.  Real sit down suppers on the table when it has grown dark and things have finally quieted down for the day.  Fresh clean smelling laundry folded and put on his dresser to put away.  (Sometimes he is the one that has washed, dried, and folded it.)  New Lego's to add to his collection.  Fun games with the grandkids.  Camping with all the gang.

Those quiet few minutes as you settle in to bed after you turn out the light, where it is quiet and dark and all you hear is your loved one's breath going in and out with maybe a yawn or too to break the silence.  Both of us at one time or another will sigh and say, "Best part of the day."  Even now with no kids at home and it much less noisy around here we both cherish the time of day when we finally put aside all other distractions and relax with our thoughts.  Maybe to share a prayer before falling asleep or maybe just lying close listening to each other breath.  Just being there together is another of my most cherished things.  He spent so much time away during his active duty years that it is nice to know he is lying there beside me almost every night now.

Don't get me wrong, there were times during those younger years that we were both ready for him to deploy, or go out of town, for you nonmilitary folks.  Sometimes we all need a break from each other to more appreciate what we have when we come back together.  But for the most part, we are settled in to our routine and both appreciate that small things are sometimes just as, if not, more important in a relationship than all the big presents can ever be.

When my boys were little and running around outside playing I remember those special moments when one would run in with a flower/weed and give it to me and say "this is for you mama" with a big proud smile and love in his eyes.  Sometimes one of them would bring home some little trinket from school or Bible class he had made for me to show he loved me.  The phone call from one of those boys turned men now can make my day brighter more than anything any of them have ever bought me.  Remember to smile and hug and praise your child/spouse for those little things that they feel the urge or need to express love for you and give it right back at them when you feel that need.

Sprinkle a few "kisses" around not only today, but everyday in your relationships and see how far the happiness will grow and come right back at you full force.

Take the time today and everyday in your marriage relationship as well as your relationships with anyone important in your life to make sure you remember the small things that make that other person happy.

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